Home Euthanasia

The most difficult part of having a pet is knowing when it is the right time to say goodbye. During these moments, the last thing you or your pet needs is the added stress of going to the vets which is where Pets at Rest can help. Pets at Rest offer a bespoke euthanasia service that allows you and your family to say goodbyes in the comfort of your own home.

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Pet Cremation

After your pet has been put to sleep, we will continue to treat them with the dignity they deserve.

You may wish to keep your pet’s body for a home burial. Alternatively, you have the option of having your pet cremated, either without the return of the ashes or individually cremated with their ashes returned to you.

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Price List

£ No Cremation £ Cremation Options
Pet Home Visit, Sedation and Euthanasia Home Visit, Sedation and Euthanasia & Group Cremation Home Visit, Sedation and Euthanasia & Individual Cremation - ashes hand delivered A Priceless Gift
Cat 200 240 400 Some families like gifting their pet to veterinary training to help improve future pet care.
If you choose the gifting option, the home visit, sedation and euthanasia is dramatically reduced.
If you would like to know more, please ask when you contact Rob.
Small Dog
up to 10kg
200 260 400
Medium Dog
220 280 420
Large Dog
240 300 440
Extra Large Dog
40kg +
260 320 480