Welcome to Pets at Rest

My best friend, Puddle, relaxing after a walk in 2020.


Thank you for getting in touch and I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this difficult time.

Unfortunately, I am currently not able to provide any home visits and so my next availability will be Monday 22nd August. In the mean time, the following people may be able to help; although, not many people are about at weekends:

Serenity vets: 01302 272505


The travelling vet: 0114 212 5800


The mobile vet: 07727 452146


Ems vet visits: 07375303752


Quietus vet: 0114 433 3063


I’m very sorry that I am not able to support you through this difficult time but let me know if I can help in any way, or if you feel able to arrange a date for when I’m back.

Sending best wishes,

Rob Haselgrove
Pets At Rest Veterinary Services

Since qualifying as a vet in 2003, I have had the pleasure of caring for amazing pets each day. Professionally, and through my own experience, I’ve learnt that the most difficult part of having a pet is knowing when it is the right time to say goodbye.

During these moments, the last thing you or your pet needs is the added stress of going to the vets which is why I set up Pets at Rest; to offer  a bespoke euthanasia service that allows your family to say your goodbyes in the comfort of your own home.

When you call, I am happy to talk through whether it is the right time to say goodbye as well as exploring if other treatments are possible. I offer phone calls and advice free of charge so you can come to the right decision about your pet’s end of life care.

If it is the right time, please get in touch with me and I will arrange a visit to your home where you can ask any further questions to ensure that you and your pet feel calm and relaxed in a familiar environment.

Having said goodbye to my own dog, I understand what you will be going through and I will do my very best to support you on their final journey.